Environmental Impact Assessments (EIAs)

1. EIA report of “Prospecting and preliminary research project for decorative facing limestone from the region of Rumyantzevo village, Lovetch district and geological report preparation by 15 March 1997” 

2. EIA report of “General project for exploitation of rock facing “Dionisso” material formation – Varbeshnitza village, Vratza district ”

3. EIA report of “Balkan – 2000” Ltd. mine – the town of Tvarditza

4. EIA report of Waste Water Purification Facility (WWPF) – the town of Dimitrovgrad. Phase – preliminary study. 

5. EIA report of ballast open mine “Pet mogili – zapad”, Vrajdebna area, property of “Agrostroymat” Ltd. – the town of Sofia. 

6. EIA report of existing Waste Water Purification Facility (WWPF) and its enlargement – the town of Gabrovo 

7. EIA report of project “Inert material extraction from ballast open mine “Dolni Bogrov”,  property of “Agrostroymat” Ltd. 

8. EIA report of “Ex-carder facility reconstruction into small details galvanization workshop” – the town of Gabrovo

9. EIA report of middling slime depository of “Lagun” Ltd. – the town of Tvarditza

10. EIA report of pig-breeding farm and packing-house in the town of Shumen.

11. EIA report of solid non-toxic industrial waste depot of “Fayans” Ltd. – the town of Kaspitchan.

12. EIA report of “Levka” dam lake – Haskovo district.

13. EIA report of Maritza river correction from km 11+308 to km 18+460 in the region of Hadjievo village.

14. EIA report of ballast open-mines “Negovan” and “Chepintzi”.

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